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Steps for managing athletic injuries of lacrosse players:


  1. Parents are welcome to email Sam Vallandingham, trainer at NHS with any questions or concerns about an athlete’s injury or injury status.

  2. ​If the Athletic Trainer evaluates an injury that needs seen by a physician, they will be recommend Dr. Jacobsen, an Orthopedic Surgeon with RVH and Team Physician for Noblesville Schools.

  3. Parents are welcome to have their child evaluated by a physician of their choice if they prefer someone other than Dr. Jacobsen

  4. If an athlete develops concussion like symptoms then they must be evaluated and cleared by a M.D. or D.O. (doctor of osteopathic medicine) before being permitted to return to play.

  5. The Athletic Trainers recommend the physicians below, especially for possible head injuries, as they have access to ImPACT test results and are certified to interpret test results.


Dr. Stephen Jacobsen

​​Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Physician  

​Office: 317-705-4392


Dr. Joseph Hui

Sports Medicine Physician

​Office: 317-705-4392


Dr. Roy Henderson

​Sports Medicine Physician

Office: 317-705-4392


Sam Vallandingham

NHS Sports Trainer

Office: 317-776-6266 ext. 12187

​email: athletic_trainer@nobl.k12.in.us